Shaneen Fantin

Shaneen is a designer, writer and innovator. She sits on the Queensland State Government Urban Design and Places Panel and is a member of the Australian Institute of Architects First Nations Advisory Working Group. Shaneen has authored eight book chapters on Indigenous architecture, placemaking and intercultural design, and has published many articles on tropical architecture, urban design, housing and health projects.  

Shaneen has a rare combination of ability and experience that includes architecture, project & program management, community engagement, research and teaching. She is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Queensland and James Cook University, and is a member of International Association for Public Participation.

Shaneen holds a PhD from the University of Queensland on the relationship between design and culture in Aboriginal housing and has applied this research knowledge on many Indigenous housing and health projects in Queensland, the Northern Territory, New South Wales, South Australia and Canada. Shaneen is a regular contributor to Architecture Australia, Houses and Sanctuary Magazines and is the author of many journal articles and book chapters.

Shaneen lives on a farm near Cairns with her husband and two children. She cooks, reads, gardens and propagates native plants.

What People Say

Comments from Master of Architecture students in 2017 at UQ about Shaneen Fantin, UQ Architecture Adjunct Associate Professor:

"Shaneen has great communication skills. This was evident in all aspects of how she relates/engages with students, other staff professionals and Trust members. Her honesty, in a field that is often complicated with very sensitive needs, is a relief and truly assists those wanting to learn in this field".

"The school of Architecture needs more teachers like Shaneen. Her enthusiasm and drive led not only to a great learning environment, but were extremely motivating and inspirational. The mix of friendliness and also her expectations of what a masters student should produce set a good tone for the studio".

Comments from Architecture students in 2016 at UQ about Shaneen Fantin, UQ Architecture Adjunct Associate Professor:

"The range of guest lecturers was insightful, the content shared through their point of view was useful to see how they have taken what we are learning and are using it in practise. The topics and issues that we discuss are very relevant to the industry. Even if cross cultural design is not a specialty that you want to go into, this course equips you with the knowledge and confidence to be able to design sensitively for people. To not make quick judgements and understand that everyone comes from a cultural influence of some sort and this effects how they experience architecture".