POD is a thriving Australian architecture business partnership formed in 2014 by Shaneen Fantin and Belinda Allwood. Shaneen and Belinda have a great appreciation and passion for the landscape, climate and people of northern Australia. Prior to creating POD, Shaneen and Belinda each worked for more than 15 years as associates, senior architects, and project managers for a variety of Cairns architects, along with national and international firms including Arup, Peddle Thorp Architects, Opus and Troppo Architects. (Team photos- Blueclick)

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What People Say


I would absolutely recommend POD architects. It can be very intimidating to walk into an architects office, especially when you have a modest budget to work with. However the architects at POD made us feel at ease and were very easy to work with. They were able to take our ideas, requirements and our budget, and then work creatively and collaboratively with us to produce the final house plans. The end result is a beautiful house of which we are the proud owners. Mrs Sally-Ann Goncalves (June 2019)


Working with Shaneen and Belinda was a breeze. The POD team worked within our budget constraints and our desire to modernise but maintain the heritage look of our little red brick home (when it could have been easier to demolish). Our end result is a design that allows minimal use of air-conditioning and easy flow of living. Their design concepts and ideas exceeded our expectation for this property, which we love. Mrs K. Adams (August 2019)


We have been working with People Oriented Design since Cyclone Yasi struck Tully in February 2011. I would like to thank Shaneen and Belinda for their generous in-kind donations, through their involvement with Emergency Architects Australia. They have assisted us with cyclone damage assessment, subsequent rebuilding and ongoing improvement of the space to ensure that the end result best meets with the needs of our community. With their help, the Tully Support Centre has been able to develop a long term, staged master plan to meet current needs, and build upon the capacity of the centre to meet the anticipated future needs of our community. Mr Shane Greenwood. Manager, Tully Support Centre (October 2013)

Belinda and Shaneen are both highly experienced and capable architects with excellent construction knowledge. They are very innovative in their designs and have a comprehensive understanding of sustainable design. They know how to make a building comfortable, efficient and economical as well as look great. Their collaborative approach and willingness to listen makes every project an enjoyable experience. They are very easy to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending them. Len Harris Builder, Cairns (October 2013)