Cultural Influencers or Influenced by Culture? PODcast

Cultural influencers or influenced by culture?

Hearing Architecture PODcast by EmAGN

When you start to look for it, architecture is everywhere and it’s the stage on which we play out our lives. It doesn’t matter whether we’re working in it, living in it, or resting in it, it’s part of our lives and memories. In this episode of Hearing Architecture we’ve asked architects from around Australia to tell us what they think architecture’s role is in culture: is it informed by culture or does it inform culture?

This episode of Hearing Architecture features the following guests: Damian Madigan, Rod Simpson, Sue Dugdale, Kylee Schoonens, Peter Stutchberry, Justin Carrier, Steven Postmus, Nicholas Braun, Jane Caught, Timothy Moore, Shaneen Fantin, Belinda Allwood, Professor Philip Thalis, Joe Agius, Rob McGauran, Jefa Greenaway, Dik Jarman, and Andrew Maynard.


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