The Least House Necessary goes to Canberra

Canberra multidisciplinary firm, Light House Architecture and Science have collaborated with Queensland architects and engagement specialists POD (People Oriented Design) to present POD’s trademarked innovative and educational workshop about sustainable housing design: The Least House Necessary. The workshop has been tailored to suit conditions and precedents in the ACT and cool temperature climates. The Least House Necessary (TLHN) design workshop was developed by POD in 2011 and has been presented to over 500 participants in regional Queensland and Brisbane. It provides a historical perspective on housing design in Australia, including ethnoarchitecture and challenges participants about the principles of sustainable housing design, their daily behaviour patterns and how to better connect with our natural environment.

The workshop is perfect for new home buyers, home owners considering renovations, STEM teachers, architects, engineers, town planners, sustainability and environmental designers and students.

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